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Donations go to support the Flight of the Phoenix Aviation Museum a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational museum.
Flights will be performed at the Fox Stephens Field - Gilmer Municipal Airport Gilmer, Texas, KJXI
Please Contact Steve Dean At 903-790-7435 || ahenry.fenix@gmail.com to schedule your mission or schedule online below!

flying a historical airplane over texas
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T-6: WWII Trainer

Choose from a T-6: WWII Trainer

PT17 : WWII Trainer

or PT17 : WWII Trainer

Presidential Aero Commander  L-26

Or Fly in a Presidential Aero Commander L-26

Our warbird flight is provided as a special gift.

The donation supports the flight of the phoenix aviation museum and all its educational, historical, and patriotic programs for our local community.

It takes an hour to get full effect of the briefing and de-briefing......once we finish Introductions, coffee or tea, bathroom breaks, and get down to brass tacks.

The entire experience will last a couple of hours in order to visit the museum and answer all your questions about the plane and the flight. Bring your family, bring your friends and bring your camera; you will want to take lots of photos! Ask us about Photo / Video options!

T-6G Texan

The North American aviation T-6 Texan was used by the US and Allied forces as the advanced fighter trainer from 1938 until war's end in 1945. Continuing in service around the world for 55 years, this particular T-6 Texan, or Harvard as she was called by the Allies, is based at the flight of the phoenix aviation museum. She came directly to Gilmer, Texas from active service in the South African Air Force in 1994.

PT-17 Stearman

Relive a bygone era in the PT-17 Stearman. US Army and Navy pilots trained for service during World War Two learned the basics of flight in the front seat of a PT-17 Stearman. Instructors provided guidance and demonstration from the back seat and could take the controls when necessary. The acrobatic abilities of the Stearman introduced cadets to the basic combat maneuvers for dog fighting.

Aero Commander U-4B

The U-4B, an Air Force version of the model 520 Aero Commander, was used by president Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1956 to 1960 for short trips from the white house to his farm in Gettysburg. It was the smallest "Air Force One," and the first presidential aircraft to have only two engines. You will get a true bird's eye view of East Texas lakes, forests, and fields. Take a look at our earth from God's vantage point.

$400.00 Donation

T-6 Texan / SNJ / Harvard

A "Flight Experience" for 1 person!

"A Flight of Fancy" in a WW II airplane that trained many pilots to fly during WWII. Share the thrill and excitement of flying in a WWII vintage fighter trainer with a military instructor pilot.

Pull Some G's...
How About a Barrel Roll...
Hang on for a Barnstormer Loop...
Roll in and Strafe an Enemy Railroad Train...
or just enjoy a smooth and easy ride, you name it!

$250.00 Donation

PT 17 Stearman

A "Flight Experience" for 1 person! (Min age 18)

Take a flight in this beautiful WWII training biplane above Gilmer. What's on your bucket list? Most people just dream of flying an open cockpit biplane but never follow their dream. Here is your chance!

Follow your dream. If you can dream it, we can help you do it!

$350.00 Donation

Aero Commander U-4B

A "Flight Experience" for 3 people!

Gather up your relatives or friends and take a flight high above Gilmer. Nothing like a true bird's eye view of East Texas lakes, forests, and fields. Take a look at our earth from God's vantage point.