Frank Price of Waco, Texas took his Great Lakes to Czechoslovakia in 1960 to represent the U.S. for the first time in the World Aerobatics Championships. Frank went on his own initiative and at a great personal expense in time and money because of his dedication to sport aviation.

The Great Lakes is named Celesta in honor of Frank's widow who lovingly supported and put up with his aviation antics for many years. Frank Price was founder of the American Flying Tiger Club and the original inductee in the EAA/IAC aerobatic Hall of Fame. Steve met Price in 1960 when he was working at the Waco Airport while a student at Baylor. Now on display at Spinks Field in Fort Worth.


Engine: LYC O-360
Horsepower: 180hp
Cruise: 109 kts
Stall: 47 kts
Range: 340 nm
Srv Ceiling: 14000 ft
Wingspan: 26.67 ft
Length: 20.33 ft
Empty Wt: 1025 lbs
Gross Wt: 1618 lbs
Max Fuel: 25 gal
Takeoff (over 50 ft obstacle): 825 ft
Landing (over 50 ft obstacle): 825 ft
Takeoff: 400 ft
Landing: 500 ft